Privacy Policy

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The Company urges each of the users (starting from now mentioned as, User, Yours, You, or Visitor) of Our Site to read in detail the provisions of the Cookie Policy, as well as all the nuances listed in the Privacy Policy.

The site “,” starting from now mentioned as the Resource, We, Our, Company, or Website, stands on precise positions of respect for Users, the confidentiality of their data, and undertakes to store and not distribute details about Visitors to third parties.

The page contains all the main rules and regulations of the Privacy Policy and includes the rules and regulations for the use of cookies, and aims to share details with Visitors, namely:

  • ✅ What pieces do We assemble as part of Your stay on the Website?
  • ✅ What tools are utilized to accumulate data?
  • ✅ How We Manage Users’ Details

Our Company collects and stores User particulars from the moment they visit the Site. The purpose of compiling data is to offer a better experience on the most fitting gaming products, advertising programs, and payment methods (from now on, referred to as the Services).

Please read this section carefully to perceive the Privacy Policy and the need to apply cookies when You visit the Site. If You consider it necessary, You are free to submit a claim or petition to the appropriate body dealing with protecting private details.

It is recommended that You should email the Site administration if You have even the slightest doubt about how some or all peculiar details are used before making official petitions to the relevant authorities.

We have created this paragraph so that Website Visitors understand how their details are used and for what purpose We need them. We will also briefly list Your legal rights to ensure that Our Company does not violate them. Our Information Platform contains the following types of data and information:

  • Gambling Reviews
  • Audits of game providers
  • Gambling market analytics
  • Promo materials
  • Commercial texts
  • Photo or video footage

If You plan to visit the Site, You should read and understand Our Privacy Policy before being asked to submit to the Policy and Cookies rules.

If You systematically visit Resource and read or use the details published on it, You confirm Your consent to share Your data details. This rule also applies to the Visitor’s consent to all methods and tools that We use to accumulate and analyze the Visitor’s data details.

Types of Details Collected by the Site

The details that You share with Us while visiting the Website can be roughly divided into two main types, including:

  • Individual
  • Non-individual

1️⃣ Non-individual data is the type of data that Our Site accumulates and analyzes while You utilize the Services of the Site. The receipt and analysis of non-peculiar data provided by a User is an obligatory component of the Site operation.

Non-individual data is dispatched through the gadget You run to check the Resource. Typically, these details include the following components:

  • IP address
  • Browser type
  • Technical details of the operating system of Your gadget
  • Online identifiers
  • The language pack that is used on Your device

All data from Visitors to Our Website is collected and analyzed as part of our internal Cookies and Privacy Policies. This data will be presented below in more detail.

2️⃣ The second type of data collected on the Resource is the peculiar data of Visitors, which they voluntarily share by agreeing to the Policy. It includes, but is not limited to:

  • User location
  • Phone number
  • Age
  • Email
  • Date of Birth
  • Occupation
  • Sex

In addition, Our Site also collects analytics about the frequency of use of the Services listed on the Website. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Content types of interest
  • Your time spent on the Site
  • User behavior map on various pages
  • Tabs and pages that interested a User the most

While We collect individual and non-individual details as part of Your visit to the Resource, such data has the nature of combined data. Please remember that as far as combined data is concerned, We consider the details peculiar for the Services We provide.

Disclosure of Peculiar Data of Users

The Resource is engaged in the collection and analysis of the peculiar data of a User and can share it in some instances. This applies to circumstances where Visitors’ peculiar information may be disclosed to service providers for research and data analytics.

We use three main types of disclosure of User information to third-party service providers:

  1. 1️⃣ The first type concerns the disclosure of peculiar data to trusted service providers. In this case, User data is an analytics tool for service providers exclusively within the framework of Our Resource. Keep in mind that the privacy and security of Your data are always under proper control.
  2. 2️⃣ The second type involves the disclosure of Visitors’ peculiar data for the organization and conducting marketing research. In this case, Your data remains anonymous and completely anonymized before being transferred to third-party providers. For our part, We control and ensure the complete security and anonymity of the data.
  3. 3️⃣ The third type is peculiar data for the transfer and further use by business investors, auditors, or external consultants. Please note that the transmitted information is completely anonymized and de-identified before We transfer it to a third-party provider. We reserve the right to use, transfer or share such data for various business processes, including Mergers & Acquisitions.

Information Retention Period

The Company fully shares the values ​​of secure storage and confidentiality of User information. A Visitor to the Site may request the deletion or amendment of peculiar data at any time. It is enough to contact Us by sending an email and specifying the relevant requirements.

Deletion of information applies to all types of data and does not include certain types of information that We are required to keep following the requirements of applicable law.

If the Site Visitor does not request Company representatives to delete peculiar data, then the Resource has the full right to store Users’ peculiar data under the rules of the Storage Policy. You can request the Site administration and clarify the exact terms of storage of Your data. The same retention period for User information depends on several parameters, including:

  • Scope of data provided
  • The nature of the data provided
  • Confidentiality

We do our best to store User information for a limited time. The Company systematically deletes and updates data to keep the information base efficient. Thus, the Resource seeks to eliminate any inaccuracies that may harm the processing and disclosure of data.

The Website may use, disclose or store peculiar information for as long as it is necessary and at the discretion of the Site Administration, which adheres to the rules and regulations of the Privacy Policy and Cookie Use Files.

Protecting User Information

Our Company never disregards such points as ensuring the security of the User’s peculiar information. For these purposes, the Resource uses a set of procedures and tools necessary to protect all data that Our Website collects carefully.

The Site Administration also does all necessary to store User information properly and prevent information leakage or unauthorized access by intermediaries.

Our office is located in Canada. Therefore, some peculiar data may be transferred to the relevant authorities, including legal and tax authorities. We strictly follow all regulations and laws of Canada regarding the peculiar information of Visitors. As a result, We have decided to use the most effective approaches and tools to protect User information. Reporting information to authorities and following Canadian law allows Us to:

Collect and transfer peculiar data of Visitors for research in other countries. Meanwhile, the contractors receiving such information are verified companies committed to protecting User information that complies with the regulations of the Canadian gambling authorities.

Engage in collecting peculiar data to more effectively manage a User profile. Detailed information will never be passed on to third parties or organizations for marketing or business purposes.

Types of Information We Collect

In some circumstances, We may also collect additional data. In the meantime, We never:

  • Collect or share information for commercial purposes
  • Manipulate User data for someone else’s benefit

According to the current version of the Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy, We also collect the following types of information:

  1. Information transmitted by Your PC or smartphone, including information about the use of third-party Cookies. This type of data includes, but is not limited to, the type of browser a Visitor is using, the type of device operating system, and the domain name.
  2. Use of internal services of the information platform. It concerns the User’s behavior map on the Website, the tabs that generated the most interest, and the reviews that interested a Visitor the most. This information is subject to disclosure to third parties who are verified partners of Our Company.
  3. Visitors’ peculiar data is obtained after filling out a contact form that requires peculiar information. In this case, this includes email, User preferences, and name.

Technical data of the IP address and the type of device used to access the Resource.

Adult Users Only

The information on Our Site and all the listed services are intended exclusively for adult Visitors. The age of the majority is determined by the legislation regulating gambling in each province of Canada. If You are under the age of majority, You must immediately stop using Our Website and its services and cease providing peculiar information to Our Company.

We reserve the right to verify the peculiar data of Users. If the Company discovers that a Visitor of the Resource is not of legal age according to the legislation adopted in Canada, then peculiar information will be instantly deleted from Our database.

If You discover that one or more Users under the age of majority are using Our Resource, We recommend that You provide Us with such facts by email.

Our Cookie Policy

The primary purpose of the cookies used by Our Resource concerns the need to distinguish one Visitor from another. In this way, We can provide You with a first-class User experience based on Your specific preferences on the Website.

Our Company uses cookies to study, collect and store User data responsible for visiting and activity on the Resource. The Company operates several types of cookies, including:

  • Session cookies. This applies to information related to browsing pages and a map of User behavior on the Site. These cookies are temporary and will be deleted after You close the Resource tab or a browser installed on Your gadget.
  • Persistent cookies. We collect this data to perform analytics and monitor a Visitor’s behavior map when interacting with Our services. Data is also stored temporarily but slightly longer than Session cookies.
  • Third-party cookies. This data is collected by Our platform’s contractor sites and is required for analytical purposes only. Thus, We monitor how You interact with the Resource to make Your stay on the Website more comfortable.

Please be aware that We provide every Visitor with full access to manage the Cookies used by the Resource. If You have any questions regarding Cookies, feel free to email Us.